About the Application

The purpose of this ALS Calorie Calculator is to predict the number of calories an ALS patient needs to maintain energy (caloric) balance throughout the course of their disease.

This Application was developed as a collaborative effort with the ALS Centers from the University of Kentucky (Lexington KY), Columbia University (New York City NY), Pennsylvania State University (Hershey PA), University of Vermont (Burlington VT), and University of Utah (Salt Lake City UT). The research was supported by a grant from the National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke (NINDS, 1 RO1 NS045087), The Cynthia Shaw Crispen Endowment, and the ALS Hope Foundation. The Calculator is based on the Harris-Benedict Equation and six responses from the ALS Functional Rating Scale.

Developed with research support from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) - NS 045087


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