Our Values 
Every patient is a child of God and therefore of inestimable value in His sight and worthy of our highest service, regardless of socioeconomic, ethnic or racial status or in the ability to pay for service.
  • Associates are our most important resource and therefore should always be treated with dignity and respect and with the highest level of integrity. The Bluegrass Clinic will maintain a competitive and fair compensation package while equipping associates with the skills and material resources necessary for effective service.
  • Commitment to a fiscally strong and sustainable organization. This will be achieved by efficiently providing services to our patients, by diligence in collecting revenues for those services, by the responsible management of all resources, and most importantly by fostering a culture of the highest level of integrity in all aspects of the organization.
  • Ministering to the emotional and spiritual needs of our patients. Individuals will not experience "life and life more abundantly" without an encounter with the Giver of that life. Therefore the Bluegrass Clinic will continously seek to extend an invitation to a personal relationship with the Creator but in a manner that is never coercive and always respectful of the individual's freedom to choose.